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Eagles of Death Metal play Brighton Chalk,

Bones were a solid choice to kick off your delayed UK tour with, they needed their own headline! 

Unlike most other review outlets, I will be looking at the gig as a whole, including the support and reporting on performers big and small, it is great to see some artists in awe of being on stage with a long term idol, but not this time, Bones came out as if it was their night, and honestly, I would have been happy with just seeing them, were it not for the main event the Eagles of Death Metal making their two years delayed return to the British shores. 
I will admit, I had missed bones as a ban, and I am disappointed I did but glad I got to experience them for the first tie and it was an introduction that was like a kick in the earballs! 

Check out how the whole show went below, but first a look at the energetic and passioned London Band, Bones: 

Eagles of Death Metal play Brighton Chalk,

Before I begin, I wanted to take a moment to note the recent anniversary of the atrocious events of Paris 2018, where the Eagles of Death Metal were performing on stage. For me not just personally, not just as a fan, but also because I’m part Parisian, it was inspirational to see them on the start of their delayed UK tour. With a lot of bands having a long absence from the stage, it’s no surprise that they’re coming out strong, and last night's show started stronger than I’d imagined. The support band Bones (originally from Camden, north London), returning from a long stay in the States, were outstanding and I’ll be going through their back catalogue once I’ve finished this review!

London rock band, Bones on their reurn to the UK after spkaying in the US

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The delayed kick-off to the UK tour of the Eagles of Death Metal, was a proper rock experience, a reflection, a celebration and ROCK! Did I say rock already? Well, it needed mentioning more, as this was a real night of good old rock and you would never know that live music had stopped for so long!

After a short delay to clear the stage after Bones' blow away performance, the lights dimmed, and the crowd murmured in anticipation as the disco music kicked in. Jesse (Hughes, frontman and founder of this American rock band with Josh Homme, which has had a few line ups over the years), strolled onto the stage, dropping his jacket to show off his all-white outfit for the show. The band followed, strutting like they owned the room and not just the stage! The disco music stops as the guitars and bass grind into gear through the speakers, and the band kick off with Shasta Beasts getting the crowd going. They really look like they are a family and one that knows how to have fun.

Being in the pit for the first three songs flew by and before I knew it, we were on the side-lines. As the gig went on, it was tricky not to want to take more photos as they played through the next couple of songs. Just before getting to Silverlake, Jesse confessed he was nervous and went to see a chiropractor who told him that today was not the day to perform, like a preacher with his sermon, he told us that he said, NO, today is the day to perform and YOU will make it happen. BE PROUD BRIGHTON, Be proud, he proclaimed as he praised the miracles performed by the local practitioner, whose name I didn't catch, sorry! With that in mind, I was amazed to see how much energy and passion he had throughout the show.

The crowd is singing along to their well-loved songs, but one in particular that we can all follow as Jesse stops once more to announce the presence of a very special guest in the crowd - a friend of the band - who was celebrating his birthday. The whole crowd joined in to wish Liam a happy birthday and dedicate Chery Cola to him. The crowd loves it, and you can see the smiles across the room as they play.

Jesse Hues and Josh Jove rom Eagles of Death Metal, playing Brighton, Chalk, UK

Eagles Of Death Metal, Brighon Chalk

Jennie (Vee), on bass, in the right corner dressed in red - no stranger to Brighton - was moving like we were in a filled stadium. They are all no strangers to the big stage by any means, and it shows in the way the whole band work together. Jesse brings it all together masterfully throughout the night with real rock energy on the stage that you can sense when he shouts out to the crowd DO WE NEED ROCK n ROLL? You know it’s running through his veins and after waiting two years, he has been itching to get his music to the fans. And you can tell the band really appreciate and love all the support from everyone in the room.

Jennie Vee, Jessie Hues & Josh Jove rocking the crowd!

Eagles Of Death Metal, Brighon Chalk

On the other side, on guitar and vocals Josh Jové, in blue, was making sure the energy didn't drop, with his expert manipulation of the fretboard and working the crowd with Jesse. It was great to see such a passionate enthusiasm for doing what they love, and you could tell the fans were loving it too. It was refreshing to see everyone having so much fun (even a chancer trying to get to the stage crowd surfing). I haven't seen that kind of passion and energy from both band and crowd for a long time. It was a fantastic gig for a photographer and fan, they played some great tracks and with a start like this, they have set themselves a very high bar for the rest of their tour!

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